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10 Obvious Things Most People Overlook Before Getting into a One 10 Obvious Things Most People Overlook Before Getting Into a Relationship - As many as half of the marriages end up in divorce. That’s a very high percentage of relationships that don’t make it. ... Read more
How to chase a new direction in your life when hitting rock bottom How to Chase a New Direction in Your Life When Hitting Rock Bottom - Hitting rock bottom was the beginning of my beautiful new life. Unfortunately, I didn't see it that way at the time. June ... Read more
Importance of work-life balance – 8 secrets to make it possible for you Importance of Work-Life Balance – 8 Secrets to Make it Possible for You - A balance between work and life has become one of the most desired but also most elusive goals for everyone who works ... Read more

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Kolyanne Russ

About me

Hi, I’m Kolyanne!

I believe greatness exists in all of us and I also believe that our lives can only become better when we can make someone else’s life better.

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